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Dec. 16th, 2007 | 07:42 pm
mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable
music: "I'll Make a Man Out of You (Cantonese ver) - Jackie Chan

um... i don't know if you still check your lj or what... but i just want to get this off my chest. maybe if you sign onto AIM i'll IM you this post. maybe.

last night, when i saw you, i realized that 4 years of telling myself that i don't like you anymore and that i've moved on were completely wasted. i have no idea why i still like you, but i do. and i've tried to ignore my feelings too, but they keep screaming in my head.

well, i've liked you ever since we were little. remember when you and Magy and Kaila went over to Tita Bong's apartment in Bronxville, and the four of us would play together? yeah, i liked you then. how long has that been now, around 12 years? you could say i'm too clingy and stupid and out of my mind for holding on to those feelings for so long, but i couldn't care less. that's just how i am. i was just so happy when you said you liked me four years ago, i felt that we'd be the best of friends forever. i mean, we talked a lot on AIM when we were.... "together." it was pretty cool, but whenever we would meet face to face, it was always an awkward silence. even if you don't like me anymore, i still want to be close friends with you, the way I am with Roxanne and Lara and Adriel and Jason and the rest. I don't expect you to like me ever again. I just want to be friends, is all. You got me into a lot of manga/anime/music. That's how much of an influence you hold on me. It might seem a bit creepy, but you're probably the reason why I am who I am today. </stalkerish>

anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i don't want to have to feel all awkward when i'm around you. let's be friends, ok? o3o;;;

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